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We specialize in .NET and Mobile Applications full stack development. While each of our developers specializes on the front end or coding for the business logic or data model, we expect all our team members to be familiar with all three layers. We think that works better in an Agile environment; it supports flexibility, creates highly efficient teams, and allows for a higher level of collaboration throughout project lifecycles.

High Expectations Produce Quality Outcomes

Hiring full stack developers helps us focus on people who are truly passionate about software development—people who flourish when challenged by the highest standards and most complex situations. We have high expectations for our developers; we expect them to understand continuous integration processes that include conducting their own unit tests. Your Integrant team will learn and adhere to your custom processes and continuously learn your business and domain.

All this is done with one goal in mind: working in partnership with your development team to produce quality software. No outcome short of that is acceptable.

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Application deadline for smartphones private medical centers in various specialties, allows users to locate the nearest medical or any other medical center center user wishes to visit and book an appointment suits them to the doctor in the competent clinic electronically and via smart phones, using clever features is the first of its kind in the field of smart applications and meet the various needs of medical centers. The application deadline intelligent application that allows users to specify the medical center and make an appointment with a specialist doctor suits them competent and the clinic in the desired position and share their experience.  The application also allows doctors to clinics and medical centers screen smart business allows them to know the number of users in the whereabouts of clinics and see views, fixtures required days longer day. As well as the application also allows the doctor patient follow-up date for the visitor before the visit began. With the application differs from many sites and other applications that enables users to book appointments fit the times of their work does not require a doctor's only that the deadline to accept all that is updated automatically. What distinguishes the application date for the users is the presence of specialized medical centers with well-known in Saudi Arabia trademark application gives users the confidence to use the application to book their appointments such as ........, ..........,. ....., .........., and we aspire to get to all the medical centers in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. The application deadline has proved Alotabaanh practical solution to improving the efficiency of contact with patients.
In light of the continued increase in the size of the institutions and what they contain of Documents many in various fields and the desire of these institutions in organizing their data automatically which saves a lot of time and effort and ensures its preservation of these documents from damage and loss and to adjust their confidentiality and easy access and retrieval as standard process It showed the urgent need for the existence of an electronic archiving system integrated shall perform all special operations to deal with these documents and documents such as indexing, archiving, search and retrieval. The electronic archiving system that we are dealing with today includes solutions for the application of electronic archiving administration where in folders are documents stored on a special server in Systems Files Systems files, and this solution depends on the storage copies of documents on the documentation server under Folders folders are created based on the indexing fields, this solution contains details and features to manage documents from the order of folders and access to the file that was easily archived, as well as the possibility of search easy. In addition to an appropriate design for all users and easy to use by any user.

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