Testing Automation


We’re well aware of the value of testing automation, and we have significant expertise working with clients to transition to and implement scripting. While we primarily use test scripts for regression testing, we’ve successfully designed and implemented reusable test scripts for functional and integration testing as well.

We understand the benefits of requiring unit testing—and we’ve built and continue to enhance testing automation frameworks designed for specific application environments, including test-driven development. We know testing is more than just finding bugs, but ensuring the software’s performance and security.

Custom-built Frameworks

We train our engineers to build their own frameworks—leveraging tools like Selenium and MS Coded IU—although we will use ready-built frameworks if it makes sense. We believe the custom route is a great way to build a deeper knowledge base and it’s more efficient in the long run.

When Automation Isn’t an Option

We know it isn’t always appropriate to automate testing. This doesn’t present an issue for Integrant, as our software quality engineers are able to conduct non-automated testing for intensely complex processes in highly regulated industries. We especially enjoy tackling particularly challenging performance and security testing challenges.

We take full ownership of everything we do. The way we see it, we’re not just developing software, but forging a partnership we hope is for the long term

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